Case Studies

Case Study: Internet of Things Android App

Case Study: Internet of Things Android App

A home sensor startup was missing out on engaging with a large segment of their customer base.

Their mobile web solution did not provide all of the ability to interact with and control the home sensor system.

Android Mobile Platform Capabilities To Control A Range Of Household Devices.

iSoftStone built a native Android phone app that would allow a user to monitor and interact with a range of home sensors.  The app receives alerts and allows users to take action and control a variety of household devices.  iSoftStone built the app with the flexibility to support a wide range of Android devices in order to attract a larger segment of the user market.

Increased Revenue Through Increased Market Share.

Users can use a diverse range of Android devices to monitor their home remotely and respond quickly to household safety issues. By having this capability on a native Android app, the company was able to support over half its customer base with a better experience.